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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

MakeOver Magic / Nick Arrojo

Makeover magician, celebrity stylist, multi-award-winning pioneer of modern hairdressing and self claimed “world's best razor-cutter” is also the author of the Great Hair Beauty Book. Imported from Manchester England and Sassoon trained, Nick Arrojo is known worldwide for his ability to give women hairstyles that bring out their individual beauty.

Not so long ago millions of What Not to Wear viewers would tune in to see him transform women’s outdated styles or unflattering hair styles into fresh contemporary looks.  Most importantly Nick helped women realize their hair’s true beauty potential. In doing so he not only changes their hair styles but also changes the way they feel about themselves.

His beauty book, Great Hair was written with the general public in mind, but makes an interesting read for the professional hairdresser as well.


Great Hair reveals his styling secrets giving the reader a complete education about hair including: Identifying your hair type and how that impacts the cut, color and style. Understanding hair products, styling tools and how to use them to style your hair. How to choose the right hair color that enhances the style and dispels the myths and outdated ideas about hair. His six step guide to finding a hairdresser and how to talk about your hair and what to expect from a salon visit I found very interesting.


Chapter Three, “The Ultimate Hairstyling Guide” features dozens of before and after makeover's with examples of how a beautiful face-framing shape can enhance your unique facial features. Nick points out that to make your hair easy to style everyday it must be cut and shaped preferably with a RAZOR and match the hair’s natural texture and characteristic (straight, curly, wavy, thick or thin) for a hairstyle that works with not against itself. Knowing and using the strengths of your hair type allows you to have a modern, sexy, youthful and healthy no-fuss hair style everyday or dress it up for special occasions with ease. And best of all, no more spending cash trying the latest trendy hairdo’s that your natural hair can’t handle.


The Great Hair Book is all about getting to know your own unique hair type and the important role it plays in finding the right hairstyle which I totally agree. It was refreshing to finally hear a hairstylist talk about styling hair from a purely natural point of view point. His web site (www.nickarrojo.com) features a creative ONLINE Magazine filled with fashion images and worth taking a closer look.

Despite his checker board beauty show and television show schedule, you can still see the maestro himself at his New York studio. A makeover appointment on the selected days starts at $500. The Great Hair beauty book is available at



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